Jan 27, 2013

This is not an iOS 7 Concept (or is it?)

The other day I was playing around with my phone. Just opening and closing folders, watching the animations.

Playing with Newsstand a bit I saw something I always knew about Newsstand but only now fully realized - Newsstand opens as a folder, but shows up as an application in the recent apps list.

Here is Newsstand open:


And heres is Newsstand in the Recent Applications list:

So, Newsstand as we all know already is a crazy folder/app hybrid.

After reading a bit about remote view controllers in iOS 6 (and recreating them on iOS 5) I had an idea, what if this is the way to implement a widget like feature?

Imagine this: I’m a developer and i’d like to give my users a quick way to access my app data, I could have a remote view controller with my “folder-widget-app-thingy” and declare it in my Info.plist
The user can tap on my app icon and get the data!

Here’s a poorly made mockup based on Fantastical (I suck at Photoshop, sorry)

So, just like Newsstand, I can get a quick look of my events, and tapping the “+” button on the right hand corner opens the app and lets me add data, etc.
I could also specify within the app what kind of data to show, a specific calendar or maybe a gmail label:


Out of all of the iOS 7 Concepts I saw, this one makes the most sense for me.
It’s based on already available (yet private) API, and adds functionality without changing things too much of the user.

What do you think?

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